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Our team brings to you in-depth knowledge in mass research, strategic planning, mass communications, copy writing and designing, production, media relations and campaign evaluation. The package of routine services nevertheless includes media relations, corporate and brand communication, financial communication, marketing support, employee communication and community development programs. Through the longstanding expertise of its servicing high powered clients, also serves on specialized disciplines; in crisis planning and management, event management, market research, direct mailing, and development of corporate, financial and marketing collateral.

Brand Management

  • Creating a distinct brand identity
  • Implementation of suitable brand management programs
  • Defining brand communication
  • Designing customer loyalty programs
  • Executing brand track studies

Corporate Image Management

  • Gauging perceptions, concerns and information lacunae amongst the target publics.
  • Formulating strategies for establishing and sustaining a strong
    corporate identity.
  • Developing internal and external PR programs.
  • Planning corporate communication collateral including newsletters, in-house journals etc.

Media Relations

  • Identifying and liaisoning with appropriate media for communication.
  •  Providing media counsel in line with an organization’s growth and development.
  • Planning and designing the communication.
  • Structuring and arranging press conferences, small group media
    meets, interviews and brand features.
  • Conducting specialized media training workshops to assist and develop client spokespersons.

Marketing support

  • Assisting clients in their marketing efforts, through an analysis of market constraints & opportunities.
  • Developing suitable market entry strategies.
  • Supporting sales efforts through appropriate communication programmes.
  • Organizing consumer and dealer events.

Financial Communication

  • Projecting an organization’s financial strengths, in keeping with acorporate image build.
  • Identify and build relations with key financial media.
  • Financial markets intelligence to help decide client financial communication.
  • Design and dissemination of communication to financial publics, like financial institutions, analyst, brokers, investors, etc.
  • Plan and organize meets for relevant financial target audiences and draft appropriate communication.

Crisis Management

  • Counteracting competitive disinformation with quick, mature and effective measures both with media and opinion influencers.
  • Providing media and industry intelligence of potentially hostile
    developments, to decide pre-emptive strategy.
  • Conducting specialised crisis-training workshops for senior management. Emphasis on providing “what if…” situations and tactical answers to anticipate and handle crisis situations.
  • Preparation of crisis management strategies customized to different clients and situations.

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