About April Media…


Founded in April 2003, April Media is a new age consultancy, working exclusively in the mass communications domain.

Our business communications management unit envisages partnering with clients to aid their strategic decision making with creative communication inputs and enable enhanced value generation. We are committed to providing focused, effective, timely, and distinct service, directed at building both the corporate and brand image of the clients we serve.

We work best in complex situations that require co-ordination with multiple disciplines within organizations and demand the balancing of diverse viewpoints and objectives.

As a team we have both; ‘technical skills’ for thorough project evaluation & planning and ‘organizational skills’ that is essential for effective communications program, in tune with client’s business objectives and responsive to a changing business environment. Each executive adds ‘Hard’ communications management skills and ‘Soft’ interpersonal skills along with understanding of markets, socio-economic and cultural sensitivities to help counsel clients.

Our mission is to make each of our client’s vision a reality. Our commitment is to invent unique and specific plans to meet all of their communications needs. Our promise is to put our skills to your advantage to create a positive perception and stronger image.

We Believe …

  • In responding to our client’s needs with timely and innovative solutions
  • Treating our clients with integrity, honesty and fairness
  • Encouraging creative problem solving and independent thinking
  • Developing long term client relationships based on mutual trust,
    respect and our ability to “Value Add” in our partnerships.

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Please feel free to call us for any kind of query and information…

+91 9880717358